Helping with
Risk of Foreclosure

Wisconsin Program Helps Residents At Risk of Foreclosure

A housing crisis can quickly develop after job loss, injury, illness or any number of life events. For a homeowner being faced with foreclosure, finding a way through the process can seem insurmountable. Cassandra Roberson, a Milwaukee homeowner, lost her job right before her mother was diagnosed with cancer. In the midst of an agonizing period of her life, she received notice of foreclosure. Already busy with a job search, and taking care of her ill mother, Cassandra found it incredibly difficult to sort through the paperwork needed in order to find a way to keep her home.

Cassandra reached out to Mediate Wisconsin (then, Metro Milwaukee Foreclosure Mediation Program) and took part in a mediation between herself and her lender. The mediation resulted in a loan modification that offered an affordable payment and a lower interest rate. A once overwhelming process was simplified and a resolution was found thanks to the mediation process provided by Mediate Wisconsin.

Mediation services help both homeowners and lenders find a realistic alternative to foreclosure, or a fair path through the process. Though there are no guarantees, a healthy mediation can provide hope to families who are on the brink of losing their homes.

To learn more about this case study, or the mediation services provided by Mediate Wisconsin, take a look at the full story below.

Post by: Kirsten Klahn