Foreclosure mediation helps homeowners facing foreclosure work with their mortgage companies through the assistance of a mediator.  The mediator is a professional who understands mortgage companies’ loan modification review process and who is trained to improve communication between the parties. The mediator helps them explore options to allow the homeowner to keep the property, or plan a respectable exit strategy.

Homeowners who have received foreclosure summons are welcome to apply. The homeowner must live in the property or own it as a rental property (as long as there are four (4) or fewer units at the property). The property may not be a vacation home and the homeowner may not be in bankruptcy.

Both homeowners and mortgage companies pay a flat fee for the process. Fees vary by county. Enter your zip code in the search box below and you will be redirected to the appropriate form(s) to fill out.

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Behind on your mortgage? You may qualify for a forbearance plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Contact your mortgage servicer directly for more information.