Western District of Wisconsin Bankruptcy

The Mortgage Modification Mediation Program in the Western District of Wisconsin (MMMWD) helps qualified Chapter 13 debtors living in the Western District keep their homes.  Mediate Wisconsin administers this program. 

Any Chapter 13 debtor who cannot afford their current mortgage payment, but has steady income and could pay a modified mortgage payment is qualified to apply. MMMWD sets up a meeting between the debtor and lender facilitated by a third party, unbiased mediator to help both parties discuss whether a mortgage modification is possible. 

To start the process, the debtor’s attorney files a Motion to Participate in MMMWD with the Western District Bankruptcy Court.  Please visit the Western District Bankruptcy Court page here https://www.wiwb.uscourts.gov/chapter-13-mortgage-modification-mediation-program for more information on starting the process.  

It is critical that the debtor’s attorney email a copy of the signed Mortgage Modification Mediation Order to mmmclerk@mediatewisconsin.com so the mediator may be assigned in a timely fashion.  Mediate Wisconsin is not otherwise notified when the Order is issued.

To find more information on the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program for the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court here. https://www.wieb.uscourts.gov/mortgage-modification-mediation