Tenant Conflict

Milwaukee Mediation Clinic Helps Landlords, Tenants Resolve Conflicts

Thousands of eviction cases are filed in Milwaukee County every year. These cases flood the Court system, and parties involved can wait for hours or days to get their case resolved, and know whether or not they will be able to stay in their homes.

Mediate Wisconsin’s Tenant-Landlord Mediation Program helps to ease the number of eviction cases in the Court system, while also facilitating a neutral conversation between tenants and landlords in hopes of finding a solution that will satisfy both parties.

Erika Strebel from the Wisconsin Law Journal spoke with the Mediate Wisconsin team about how their work impacts the community, and protects both landlords and tenants.

“It’s amazing how many do work out, because they have time to be heard and have a neutral party navigating them through the process.”

“Whether that means the tenant gets more time to leave, or the landlord gets some assurance of how things are going to go -- it just hopefully leads to a better outcome.”

To learn more about the mediation process, and the work that Mediate Wisconsin does within the community, take a look at the clip from the Wisconsin Law Journal below.

Post by: Erica Strebel