I am interested in mediation, what do I do next?

  • There are three initial steps. To start, click here to be redirected to the Form Request page, and enter your zip code to find the appropriate form for your area.
  • You should have also received a copy on colored paper attached to the initial papers delivered to your home. Then, send your request form to the program administrator within 30 days of receiving the summons. If that date has passed, you can still make a request, as mediation might still be a possibility.
  • Several days after you send your Mediation Request Form, you will receive a letter giving you the name of a housing counseling agency. Your second step is to contact your housing counselor to set up a meeting. This meeting is very important and there is no charge. The counselor will work with you to create a complete loan modification application and send it to the Mediation Program Administrator. Your third step is to pay the mediation program fee by check, money order or credit card payment (where available).
  • After you have completed all three mediation request steps, the Program Administrator will notify your lender to request their participation, seeking a response within 10 business days. Your Lender’s non-refundable mediation fee is due at the time of their consent to participate. If they decline to participate in mediation, you will receive a refund of a portion of the fee as indicated on the Foreclosure Mediation Process Description for your county.


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